Using Edisoft to Optimize Distributor Efficiency


When it comes to supply chain performance, the most clear indicator of any company’s success is how often a product arrives on time. There are multiple variables that impact when a shipment will arrive, especially if the shipping process is international. Therefore, it has been historically difficult to pinpoint exactly how well a distributor performs with efficiently processing orders.


Today, the use of new software to accumulate this data is incredibly common and gives even small businesses the ability to evaluate their own performance based on accurate information. Though the data acquired must reflect a certain level of accuracy from all parties involved, software providers such as Edisoft are making the process much easier.


Edisoft was first established in 1995 and specializes in providing electronic data interchange (EDI) solutions for smaller and midsized businesses. The goal of Edisoft is to allow business to exchange important information through a standardized format, therefore reducing time spent on labor and additional costs. Edisoft offers numerous software packages for the industry, including supply chain providers and distributors. Edisoft products are designed to integrate into other accounting and shipping software with ease.


Software from Edisoft includes the Merchant QuikPAK, which helps to automate more of the order process from a distributor ( The software enables easy prioritization of orders, and converts scanned barcode data into information used in accounting and shipping programs. Data from this software package is ideal for smaller parcels and LTL freight shipments.


The Merchant QuikPAK by Edisoft also simplifies the shipping process itself. A company using this system is able to process shipment from multiple warehouses or any number of single orders. With the software, all data from shipments is sent to one central exchange for processing in an accounting program or other daily report software. Using Edisoft reduces overall cost of supply chain performance by eliminating unnecessary steps in shipping (YouTube).


Edisoft offers consulting services beyond just offering their product to businesses. The owner who purchases an Edisoft product will have access to personalized training if needed, as well as personalized options for the most suitable package and additional consultation for optimizing performance of a supply chain.