Thor Halvorssen Is Not Afraid Of Donald Trump

Increasing threats of right-wing elements in many countries, not the least of which is now represented by presumed president-elect Donald Trump, do not hinder Thor Halvorssen’s efforts to spread basic human rights to the whole world. He promotes healthy, progressive, democratic socialism. He started doing this many years ago in his native Venezuela.

When asked which countries of the world already practice anything close to what he advocates, Halvorssen points out the healthy, happy, and very progressive governments of the Nordic countries of Europe: Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Finland, and Denmark. Learn more about Thor Halvorssen:

There are just as many countries of the world who Thor Halvorssen represent the nightmare sometimes associated with the word “socialist” in their governments. North Korea, Venezuela, and some Mideast countries are unhappy, despotic, evil, repressive regimes that never benefit the majority of their population. Halvorssen is a very active democracy activist who travels the globe to spread the word about atrocities being committed in these worthless false socialist democracies.

Whereas citizens in Northern Europe have been generally satisfied with the performance of their governments. This has been attenuated a lot recently, however, because of the refugee crisis. But, they are still much happier than the people in Venezuela and North Korea that fear for their lives because of their evil governments.

An article on Forbes said that Thor Halvorssen traveled to South Korea to attend a major human rights confab in the main city, Seoul. He spoke eloquently about the needs of many oppressed people groups he is in contact with, throughout the world.

Halvorssen spoke passionately about his mission to bring basic freedoms and rights to all the peoples of the Earth. Many of the great figures in Venezuelan history, going back to the very beginning, are some of his ancestors. His father and mother have both paid a dear price with attacks and false imprisonment by the repressive Venezuelan security forces. He presently has a cousin who is still being held in prison by the government under completely false charges.

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