Donna Bryant-Jones 09.26.2017


I believe many people would enjoy listening and reading about the creative life of Bridget Scarr. Her ability to express her love for family and home life as she balanced a very busy and full career, are indeed familiar to many women across the world. I am in the United States, and it certainly sounds the same in the UK where Bridget Scarr and her family resides.


As a Creative Producer with Colibri Studios, I like when she says, “she focused on bringing others ideas to life”. Bridget Scarr has discovered a very important key of life, and that is the art of balancing her life with meditation, not just as a hobby but naturally utilizing it as a path to a healthier life. This disciplined lifestyle of meditation is inspiring to all women who need to continue to understand how the order of priorities of life are more manageable with daily meditation. It has proven to be therapeutic when juggling multiple responsibilities, which can lead to stress. Bridget also expressed her enjoyment of great wines and tasteful presentations of choice selections and how they are also helpful when it comes to unwinding and resting the mind, body and spirit.


Bridget Scarr recommends to us all to eliminate fear. I am in agreement with her beliefs regarding fear and I would like to add, “fear is our worst enemy and prohibits our journey to greatness”. It is quite apparent her strength comes from her love for family and the enjoyment she receives from her career. I am sure the young and old will be encouraged and inspired to hear her words of encouragement.


The transparency of her remarkable journey of building a successful business and losing everything is indeed a story I can personally relate to. Her keen self evaluation and her need to accept her circumstances through her losses, of what she built not only for herself, but for her family and friends. Her story exemplifies determination and true strength of character, as she made her way through the journey of loss and pain to the path of healing.


She served as Partner and Managing Director with Pollen Creative Media during her service in 2008 through 2015. I am sure there were refreshing and challenging experiences with 200 employees to oversee. Bridgett Scarr and her partners apparently managed quite well, they became award winning recipients during this season of beginning again.


Her creative plans, marketing concepts and strategies are coming into existence before our very eyes, via her website which is presently under construction during the writing of this article. Thank you Brenda Scarr for sharing your story of faith and hope to live on and begin again.


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