The career life of Glen Wakeman

An executive summary of the life and career of Glen Wakeman in itself speaks volumes about the achievements that he has been able to attain as a career man in the world of business and finance. His knowledge and experience have grown over the more than twenty years he has worked in the sector and as a result, his portfolio is filled with colorful achievements.

Presently, Glen Wakeman seats at the helm of LaunchPad Holdings LLC, as its Chief Executive Officer. The company itself is a SAAS firm which he helped co-found in the year 2015.

His educational background saw him attend some of the best institutions of higher learning where he had an opportunity to horn the skills that would later see him succeed in his career.

Glen Wakeman attended and graduated from the University of Scranton where he attained his BS in Economics and Finance this was way back in 1981 ( He then attained his MBA in Finance at the University of Chicago in the year 1993.

The way Glen does business has indeed revolutionized and increased profits for his firm. He oversees and over 17,000 members of staff and manages more than $15 billion in assets all with the aim of ensuring good business and increase in profits.

His career has seen show some of his best works in things such as overseeing start-ups, new ventures in the market, divestitures, exponential growths and start-ups among much more.

Apart from his focus in his career, Glen is also a writer and an investor. As a writer, he has been able to shed light on things such as emerging markets, strategy, fiscal matters, and much more.

His ability as a good leader has resulted in him being recognized as an impressive man and a mentor. Despite his always busy and time-consuming job he always finds enough time to blog and connect to the rest of the world.