Sussex Healthcare: An Opportunity For Healthcare Workers

If you are looking to get into the Healthcare field, and live in England, try Sussex Healthcare. What better way to prepare you for the career of your choice than working at a facility that offers perks to its employees. You will definitely get the experience you need or figure out that this field really is not what you wanted. Either way, you can come away with knowledge that you never had before.

The chairmen who created this business, Shariz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina are the ones who founded Sussex Healthcare. They shaped patient care into what it should be. By providing facilities that offer what patients need, the elderly and disabled can get all types of therapy and care they could not get anywhere else. This is what makes that healthcare network number one globally. Even the United States could use a refresher course in the way they treat their patients. They offer many rewards for working in their prized health system. Once hired, you can get referral bonuses for bringing in other potential employees, discounted accommodations for your elderly or disabled loved one, get picked for and driven to your job site by a staff bus for free, subsidiary meals, a pension, and extra pay for certain shifts. You can also get paid vacation and holidays.

The most rewarding of all that workers themselves enjoy is the training that they receive. Sussex Healthcare comes with its very own training academy. That is right. The training is in house. Plus, employees can take extra classes that could lead to either a raise in pay or a promotion. That is on top of wages that are very competitive with what is on the health market right now. This makes your paycheck negotiable. That is a good thing. Working for a company that takes pride in caring for both patients and employees is a great way to jumpstart any career. This means you will not expect less than what you deserve.

Amanda Morgan-Taylor knows that all quite well. She is the Chief Executive Officer of Sussex Healthcare. Once hired, she started off making improvements in areas she saw could better than what they were even if there were no complaints. On such area is the relationship between the patient and staff. If you know that working for Sussex Healthcare is the right choice then go for it. They will help you.

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