Securus Technologies, Enriching the Lives of its Most Valued Customers

GovPayNet has recently made big news. The company, which processes payments on behalf of many governmental agencies, has been acquired by Securus Technologies. Both companies have been working with correctional facilities and other related agencies for many years. Securus Technologies works to provide services in telecommunications primarily. Among these services are telephone services, video visitation, messaging, voicemail, and several others. The company also provides monitoring of inmates and employees in these facilities. The services have been described by many as being invaluable. Keeping the facilities safe, everyone benefits from their services.


GovPayNet is joining not only Securus Technologies but the recently acquired company of JPay. This company provides financial services for inmates and their families to wire money used for items in the commissary, and other services available. JPay has also brought wireless containment systems to reduce the use of contraband phones in jails. Tablet computers have also been made available to inmates and are a great tool to provide educational opportunities. Loaded with software and other limited entertainment, they’ve become a great tool in the facilities.


Securus Technologies is at the forefront of innovation and continues to grow. With new technology being introduced constantly, they remain among the most competitive service providers. They’ve also ramped up their customer service efforts and have recently gained accreditation by the Better Business Bureau. Getting an “A+” rating, Securus Technologies is getting recognition for its hard work.


Securus Technologies has also made it more affordable to stay in touch with loved ones. After much industry scrutiny, they’ve been able to work through the challenges and provide affordable solutions to keep in touch. Video visitation provides tremendous savings by not having to travel. Also, the service can be rescheduled if the inmate isn’t able to attend. This is just one example of how the company is enriching the lives of its customers, both internal and external. With the new companies involved, it will be interesting to see what Securus Technologies brings to the industry next.


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