Rubica Provides Hack Support

As the world becomes more and more dependent on technology, it continues to become more important for people to ensure that they are protected from digital threats. One threat that all people need to make sure that they are protected from is ransomware.


Ransomware is a threat in which a hacker will hack into your computer and essentially hold it hostage. Once you log on, you will be locked out and directed to send money to an untraceable source in order to have your account unlocked. The most recent major example of this happened in May 2017 when 300,000 people were victimized by the same attack (YahooNews). This attack was very widespread as people in more than 150 countries were impacted by it.


To ensure that you are protected, it would be a good idea to engage a firm that specializes in cyber security. One of the top examples of this is Rubica, which provided security services to clients all over the world. Rubica will be able to ensure that your network ie set up in a way that makes it secure from outside hacks. This can help to protect all of your data and ensure you do not suffer from any hit.

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  1. AUTHORRaegan Caiden

    on April 17, 2018 at 9:19 am -

    Imagine the implication of this and when transactions cannot be traceable, it raises concern over the bitcoin money the more. More so , have iterated the needs to have some smart procedures to ensure the security and safety of money. Definitely, it should help if more people are involved in the process of working out how to stop such hacks in the future.