Ronald Fowlkes Used Law Enforcement Background to Help Others

Since Ronald Fowlkes got his start in the military, he knew he would be able to continue working hard to help other people. The point of joining the service was to make sure he could make a difference for his country and the people who were a part of his country. The benefits that came with joining included gaining valuable experience he would be able to use later on in his career. The experience he used made him better able to be a law enforcement professional later on in his career. It allowed him the chance to try different things and showed him what it would be like later on if he was going to keep working in law enforcement. Even though he was not a law enforcement professional in the military, the fact that they run similarly gave him the ability to know what to expect later on in law enforcement.


After he had chosen to become a part of law enforcement, he quickly caught on to the things they were doing in the military. It gave him the sense of accomplishment he needed and allowed him to make the right choices on his own. It also gave him the ability to help others who were in need no matter what they were doing. For Ronald Fowlkes to do this, he had to be sure he was helping other people and offering different opportunities to those who were a part of his life. It paid off for Ronald Fowlkes to do this because he knew that, as a professional, he would be working harder than ever to make sense of the things that were going on in the community.


Even though Ronald Fowlkes was extremely successful with law enforcement, he knew there would be ramifications if he continued pushing. He wanted to be a part of the community but also knew there were things he would have to do to continue being successful. He pushed harder than he ever had and that’s what gave him the ability to eventually become a team leader. The position is what enabled him to make the best choices for his career.


Despite having the position and being a major part of the law enforcement community, Ronald Fowlkes wanted to do more with the information he had. He felt he could be very valuable for people who were in the community too. He decided to begin developing and selling products people could use if they were members of law enforcement. The products he created were made to support and help the professionals while they were doing their duties. They also made things easier for the people who were trying their best to protect themselves on the job.