Revolutionizing Communication in the Classroom with ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a new inventive way for parent and teacher interaction through the use of an app. ClassDojo has been raising money to aid in capital and team growth for the use of the app. Recently they have raised $21 million of venture funding to further enable to capabilities of the app and connect teachers and parents. This enables a quick connection between the teachers and parents of needs or issues that may arise even during the day. This helps reduce the number of surprises during parent-teacher conferences and ultimately empowers the parents to take action with the student to help them grow faster. ClassDojo continues to push the envelope to not only incorporate the school day but find applicable ways to tie in when the students at home.

This communication platform is great for the teachers to share photos to the parents of the entire class or share personal messages to make sure everyone is on the same page. The app even has the ability to like or comment on photos that the teacher would post. The teacher can also post a message for the entire class such as a field trip or an important event coming up. It allows the parents to all see the same information and photos and builds a community among the parents of the kids. Typically this change is found in the classroom dependent on the teacher and how tech savvy they may be. This also goes for the parents to be able to have access and know how to use it appropriately.

ClassDojo does have competitors on the market such as Remind, FreshGrade, and many others. ClassDojo has not generated a revenue as of yet but is actively used in 85,000 schools in the United States in all different sectors.  Consistent growth of the app is anticipated to include paying for field trips and lunches which will make life more convenient for the parents.

ClassDojo is a San Francisco-based company made up of engineers and teachers around the world with vast experience.

Creating a positive culture within the classroom and between the parents is a key initiative as ClassDojo. Sharing with parents and giving students a voice will allow ClassDojo to continue growing.

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    on February 10, 2017 at 11:08 am -

    They are also getting help from many well-known companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and many others. The main goal is a continued distribution of the app to teachers and parents. It is becoming a hard fact for which is very consumable and good.