Removal of Criminal Activity

The world can be an extremely dangerous place, and the American prison system is at a higher chance of being more dangerous. The is especially true for the security personnel who live and work at these locations, placing themselves and their families in potential risk. This risk is heightened by the absence of security in some areas, as it is extremely hard to monitor and make sure that everyone involved with any prison in jail is doing what they’re supposed to be doing. One of the criminal activities that occur within jails is the unauthorized use of Contraband, and particularly cellular devices and electronics that can access the internet. Inmates can use these devices to contact individuals outside the prison walls, making extremely easy for them to set up illegal activities such as drug deals, kidnappings, murders, as well as other unsavory acts. In order to try and come that is, Securus Technologies, one of the leading producers of Security Solutions within the prison network, has decided to spend time and money to develop what is being called the wireless containment system.


The wireless containment system is going to be an impressive feat in the advanced technology world, as it will locate, detect, and be able to disable cellular networks and devices from operation. The way that the wireless containment system works is it monitors all internet access points as well as network provider signals going in and going out of the prison or jail that it is located at. Once the signal is located a train operator the system will have the ability to either confirm the signal and allowed to go through, or cancel it completely and block it from repeated attempts. The operator also has the option, if necessary, to completely disable a device of the signal originated from. This is limited to devices that are used within the Prison Walls, me that anyone is calling into the prison or the jail will still be able to get there call through. This will hopefully make a big difference once the system is operational and the removal of unauthorized calls and therefore also a limiting of criminal activities that can occur.


It is unknown when Securus Technologies is planning on utilizing this system, especially since it is quite the task to install into train personnel on something so advanced. One thing is for certain, however, and that is whenever the system is fully functional and operational that it will make a big difference in the war against criminal activity within the prisons and Jails of our great country. If there is one company that can produce results in this matter to Securus Technologies, a well-known and reliable source.