Paul Mampilly, The Publisher And Investment Specialist

Paul Mampilly is a renowned financial expert at Wall Street. He has over 20 years’ experience in the management of both small and large accounts. Paul has studied in various countries throughout his life. He started his education at Montfort Boys in Yercaud, India. He later joined the Indian High School in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He later traveled to America in pursuit of higher learning. He received his bachelors in finance and accounting from Montclair State University, New Jersey. He got his MBA in finance from Fordham Gabelli School of Business, New York.

Paul Mampilly is also known to have a passion for giving back to the community. He has been a volunteer in various organizations. He worked with the Coalition for the Homeless, Inc. as a food distributor volunteer. Paul has been a big brother to an 11-year-old boy at Big Brothers Big Sisters. He has been a conversational exchange volunteer at the International Center in New York for 4 years. Paul has also been a money and finance teacher at the Junior Achievement of New York. He also served as a volunteer teacher at Working in Support of Education.

Paul retired from Wall Street at the age of 42 after attaining 25 years of experience in investment portfolios. He then moved to the publishing sector to shed light to investors who have a passion to succeed. Paul Mampilly has managed to make Profits Unlimited be amongst the fastest growing journals in the economic sector. This is due to columns in the newsletter having well-researched content that is beneficial to the mainstream investors. The target audience of the newsletters according to Paul is looking for a fast and efficient way of growing their retirement benefits to improve their living standards.

Through competitive pricing, Profits Unlimited has managed to position itself as an entry-level journal, this has been able to attract new readers. The newsletters also contain both digital and print annual subscriptions. Once subscribed, you will be able to access Paul Mampilly’s portfolio models on the selection of stock he foresees to purchase. He advises on the price targets for the buying and selling of stocks. On top of this, Paul also provides insight of the market sectors that are experiencing rapid growth.

By having a reader-centric approach, Paul has ensured the newsletter’s success. He aims at increasing investor confidence through offering advice on biotechnology stocks and small-cap organizations that are set for future exponential growth. Paul’s above average economic performance and investment portfolio experience have made him a trustworthy financial advice source.

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