Mr. Ronald Fowlkes Does A Lot For The World – Here’s How

Leadership is a trait inherent in nobody from birth; leaders are made by learning from peers that have already established themselves as such.


Ronald Fowlkes is regarded as a highly effective leader by quite literally everyone he has served in the United States military beside, sports teammates both in high school who played with Ronald in a competitive capacity and in recent years for recreational leagues, as well as in the field of law enforcement.


Mr. Ronald Fowlkes is far more than a figure of leadership and is defined by much more than that


Mr. Fowlkes is a St. Louis, Missouri native and has always resided in the city outside of his areas of station and deployment while in the United States Marine Corps – he served from 1989 to 1993 – while working for the Department of Defense and stationed in Iraq as part of the JIEDDO – Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization – and when asked to travel for work as part of his job with Eagle Industries Unlimited.


Outside of working for the United States Marine Corps and the Department of Defense as a contractor, Mr. Ronald Fowlkes is proud to have served the St. Louis County Police Department for three years and the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department for 10.


He enjoys giving back to the area he grew up in, St. Louis, Missouri, in the form of making sure the area stays safe and is exposed to as little violent crime as possible.