Mike Baur: A Reliable Finance Individual With Experience In Swiss Banking Industry

Mike Baur is a well known financial advisor who assisted a huge number of the individual to become an entrepreneur and start earning a handsome amount for their business. He is a co-founder and Partner of the Swiss Start-up Factory (SSUF) AG. And Baur is in charge of the financing rounds and fundraising. With over two decades of professional experience exclusively in Swiss banking industry, this multi-talented individual is an ideal candidate to reach to when there is a finance issue.



The Swiss Start-Up Factory (SSUF), started working in 2014, is an accelerator that based in Zurich. Its primary purpose is to help a business individual who is waiting for a boom to boost their businesses. SSUF offer many thrilling opportunities to such entrepreneurs from the day one, through their strong network in whole Switzerland and across the globe.



At Swiss Start-Up Factory, they run a 3-month start-up basic program in which SSUF offers an exclusive platform of coaching, mentoring, services, a space to open your office in the town center of Zurich, in addition to their entrepreneurial network to accomplish your ambitious goals.



So those of you who don’t know much about Mike Baur, he is banking professional who made he gradually moves upward from an ordinary commercial trainee at UBS to an not just an ordinary board member but an executive board member of a leading Swiss Private Bank. And he traveled that long path within two decades.



And now he wants to share his ideas and experience with people who are afraid of taking the first step. There is a famous saying that you can’t understand the depth of the ocean from the sea shore, you have to step into the water. That’s what they teach entrepreneurs to do. Take the first step! And for that, they just do not teach the skill, but if you want, they can also support you financially.



Mike along with his two co-founders and partner founded this privately and independent ICT Startup Accelerator for early stage business in while Switzerland. Mike is a Director and also the Co-Founder of another firm known as the Swiss Startup Association. Baur holds a Master Degree in business administration from Rochester University in New York in addition to an additional E-MBA from Berne University.

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    The experience that made him what he is today contains main ups and downs, but his consistency and his passion lead him to be the very best in whole Switzerland. It might have also affected what https://www.assignmentmasters.co.uk/ had ealeir said in their podcast a while back which is also very important too.