Jason Hope supports De Grey in anti-aging research

SENS Foundation is an organization which is conducting research on the topic of aging in human beings. The organization is trying to come up with a solution that addresses the needs of the people as far as old age diseases are concerned. Old age diseases have been part of human life for generations, and people seem to have accepted that they are unavoidable. SENS Foundation is, however, trying to change this narrative by showing that it is possible to change a human life by introducing an anti-aging drug that solves that stops or slows down the aging process.

SENS Foundation is led by Aubrey de Grey, an artificial intelligence expert with a degree in computer science and Ph.D. in Biology. De Grey switched his interest from working on machines to trying and assist humanity to develop a solution for aging and old age diseases. This foundation holds an annual conference where experts come on one forum to share their ideas anti-aging research. He is hopeful that there will be a breakthrough in near future as the research seems to be gaining momentum with the human perception towards aging changing. People are starting to appreciate that it is possible to reverse the effects of aging. Although no one is sure about extending lifespan, there is a high probability that anti-aging drug will eradicate old age diseases.

SENS Foundation relies typically on funds from philanthropist to conduct its research has laboratories to perform research in Cambridge. The organization is also sensitizing people about the aging topic and helping policymakers and the public, in general, understands what the whole research is all about. The organization has an office in California. De Grey has supported the research work by contributing $10 million to the research.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope is another philanthropist who believes there is hope in the research being conducted by this organization. In 2010 when the foundation had just been formed, he contributed $500,000 that went to building a laboratory and initiate AGE-Breaker research. Jason Hope is enthusiastic about the use of technology to solve human problems. He has on numerous occasions shown support for other technologically based solutions. He is a tech enthusiast and a futurist who believes in the possibility of technology solving all human problems.

Jason Hope believes the success of research will be a great step towards eliminating old age diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. He is hopeful that there would be a revolution in the medical industry with the new invention and ultimately lead to the reinvention of the whole healthcare and biotech industries.

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