Innovacare Health CEO Rick Shinto Demonstrates Visionary Leadership in Implementing Sound Strategies

The leadership of a business is an important factor in ensuring the achievement of its goals. This is because visionary and progressive leadership have a relevant role to play in laying down the business level strategies of an organization and ensuring that these strategies are updated with common trends in the sector of the business. One of the core functions of organizational leadership is inspiring the workforce to ensure that every one of them achieves their full potentials. To properly illustrate the impact of strong, visionary leadership it is tenable to allude to Innovacare Health which has grown to become a leading provider of Quality Health since the inception of its leadership team.The company is under the leadership of Rick Shinto. This experienced chief executive brings a wealth of experience in health related organization of over twenty years. He led Aveta Inc. to its fortune and had also previously served as the chief medical officer at various organizations including California’s NAMM.

His skill in leading businesses in laying out strategies for growth can also be attributed to skills he gained when he was corporate vice president at Medical pathways. He attended the University of New York where he received a master’s in business administration and won an award for an increase in Health care access from Western.He has been able to select a team of visionaries like him; for example, Penelope Kok Kini des, who sums up the chief administrative officer. The lady has served in several leadership capacities. She has acted in the capacity of vice president in some organizations like Americhoice Care Management and Disease management. Her key impact was in Centerlight Healthcare, where as vice president she engineered the establishment and implementation of a health care model that was widely applauded for far fetching impact.

This top notch executive organ has also been strengthened lately to include top business intellectuals such as Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino. The two have been very instrumental in the successful implementation of the companies multi-level strategy that is aimed at ensuring that the core goals of the organization are to create value for the customers by ensuring quality health products are available. The new executives were announced on July 28, 2016.Innovacare Health joined HHS initiative to reform its payment methods. The company operates in North America and provides two niches which are provider network and Medicare advantage. The company is available online and can also be reached via the telephone.