How Louis Chenevert Overcomes Challenges

When you encounter a hurdle and overcome it, your life often improves in a big way. Louis Chenevert’s life is one that is full of challenges, but over the years, the former Chairman and CEO of the United Technologies Corporation (UTC) has learned how to overcome them. As it so happens, United Technologies Corporation is not your ordinary company. For the many years that the organization has been operational, it has diversified into the assembly of top range jet engines to the installation of lifts and escalators. By extension, UTC has gone the extra mile of providing air conditioning services, using quality products that happen to be readily available in the market.

As a high ranking member at UTC, Louis Chenevert made it his core mandate to use technology to favor productivity in the business. Also, Chenevert has come to learn that a company cannot exist without its workforce. To this end, Chenevert was at the forefront advocating for training programs directly meant to empower UTCs employees with the relevant skills and techniques needed to carry out their duties effectively. So far, UTC has broken even giving other companies in the region unmatched competition. With the United Technologies Corporation being a large institution, it has also ventured into the helicopter production business and is currently renowned for being the only big company in the U.S to produce choppers in bulk.

By working closely with Gregory Hayes, Chenevert has been able to help UTC head in the right direction. The alumnus from the Universite de Montreal with a B.A. in Production Management has not gotten deterred from carrying out his duties despite him working for other institutions like the US-India CEO Forum, the HEC Montreal’s International Advisory Board, the Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board, Goldman Sachs, and the Business Roundtable. To a large extent, Louis Chenevert has been a real blessing to the United Technologies Corporation, administering techniques that have also come as a benefit to the company’s employees. Thanks to his wisdom, Chenevert has been able to overcome most of his life’s challenges thus impacting the world to become a better place than before.

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