How Fabletics Made it in the Athleisure Industry and is Even Taking on Amazon

In the past years the sports apparel market has been known for having high end brands that cost an arm and lower end brands, which are cheaper and with an even cheaper quality. Never did people imagine that therewould come a time when there would be a brand that produced quality outfits and made them accessible to the majority. Not until Fabletics came along. Now people cannot get over Fabletics’ clothes. Their outfits are on very high demand and within three years of existence, the company had already registered over $250 million dollars.



The success of Fabletics is nothing that other companies would expect. And, even Amazon, who owns 20% of the fashion industry, is threatened by the figures. Let us look at some of the factors that have made Fabletics rise to the top of the industry in such a short time.



Balancing Between Cost and Value


The ability to balance between cost and quality is one of the factors that make Fabletics the industry giant that it is today. While most companies concentrate on cutting costs in order to make profits, For Fabletics, it all about delivering quality. Fabletics is able to deliver quality equal to the likes of Lulu Lemon, but at a subsidized price. Also, unlike other high end brands, Fabletics design their outfits to be chic and fashionable. That is why everyone is dying to be in Fabletics apparel.



Reverse Showrooming


The reason why many fashion businesses fail is because people only use them as showrooms. This means that people only come in to check out the new trends in the market. Later on, they purchase the same items from a cheaper source. Fabletics has learnt to reverse this by offering the best prices in the market. Also, they have opened physical stores for customers who prefer not to buy online.



Customer Service


Great customer service is also one of the factors that has contributed to the success of Fabletics. At FAbletics, the customer service strives to keep you engaged in every step of purchasing, whether you are buying online online or offline. The customer service will help you discover what outfit is best for you, based on the survey that you fill. Their designers, with the help of Kate Hudson herself will then go ahead to ensure that you get the perfect outfit.