George Soros as a Worldwide Philanthropist

George Soros was born in 1930. He then moved to England with his family to study Economics at the London School of Economics (LSE) and stayed in the country where he eventually made his fortune. In 1984, he founded Open Society Foundation whose sole purpose was to fund libraries, civil society groups, and universities in his home country, Hungary. George Soros is an American-Hungarian who grew up under Hungary’s authoritarian rule before moving to study in America. This upbringing led him to create Open Society Foundation whose sole purpose was to facilitate the printing of prohibited publications.

He has been described as a symbol of liberalism in the world. He believes that he has a mission to change the world and he acts on it. When the wall of Berlin fell, he was on the front line to aid the new country’s transition into the new century of a free market economy and democracy. Currently, he openly funds movements such as the Democratic Party and Black Lives Matter. His personal wealth has been estimated to be around $13 billion and his company controls over $25billion worth of assets. This wealth provides him with a lot of political influence.

As a philanthropist, George Soros has largely invested in the welfare of citizens all over the world, which began in Hungary in 1979 and Moscow 5 years later. He opened up branches of his Open Society Foundation and supported various groups and causes with huge amounts of money. This increased the scope of his recognition and he soon extended his support through branches to Central Asia and Eastern Europe. Currently, the Open Society Foundation operates in more than 70 countries all over the world. The sole purpose of the organization still remains to fund American cause and groups. The name of the foundation was selected to represent universal standards of freedom, human rights, social justice, and democracy. He mentions this in his book, Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism. He has also written another book, The Alchemy of Finance.

George Soros has also highlighted other social concerns that he thinks America should look into. He uses both his personal assets and those of his organization to fund causes and movements he believes in. some of these social concerns include racism, violation of civil rights and liberties, inequality in the criminal justice system, capitalism, and equity for everyone. It is these reasons that led him to strongly invest in the defeat of George W. Bush in 2004 after which he went silent in the political arena. Over time, George Soros has focused on ideas that shape countries.

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