From Banking to Business, its all in a Days Work for Mike Baur

From Banking to Business, its all in a Days Work for Mike Baur


Before founding this company he worked for nearly 20 years At UBS bank. He started his life there as a commercial apprentice and worked his way up to eventually become a board member. In 2014, he put in his resignation at the bank to become an entrepreneur. He along with two of his partners Oliver Walzer and Max Meister founded the Swiss Start-up Factory, which has grown to become the top privately financed ICT start up accelerator in Switzerland, in a few short years.

The aim is to help young and budding entrepreneurs at the early stages of their careers to become successful, by helping them financially and giving them advice. Mike Baur spends a lot of his time helping people out in the Swiss Youth entrepreneurship. He also helped found a related organization called the Swiss Start up Association. In fact, he has participated as a jury member at START Summiteer, which is a contest that takes place at University of St. Gallen, for young business men and women to pitch their business ideas.

Ever since his teenage years, Mike was fascinated with the whole world of finance and accounting. He comes from the Freeborg region of Switzerland and after graduating from college with an undergraduate degree he went to New York to get his MBA from Rochester University. Not satisfied with these two degrees he enrolled at Berne University and got his executive MBA degree.

The Swiss Start up Factory is based in Zurich and apart from mentoring and coaching potential business people, the firm also rents out office space for these young entrepreneurs. Interestingly, even during his off time, Mike spends it thinking of ways to help people turn their business ideas into world class products. One of the ways he accomplishes this is by helping them to expand their networks, a vital thing in this day and age to survive in the world of business.


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