Fabletics Booms Into a $250 Million Dollar Industry in Just Over Three Years

Starting just a little over three years ago, Fabletics has evolved into a $250 million business in the process of helping to pioneer the athleisure trend. Headed by actress and philanthropist Kate Hudson, the brand has branched into men’s athletic apparel, plus sizes, swimsuits, and even dresses.


Although Fabletics began as a web-based business, and still is, In 2015 Fabletics opened its first offline stores across the United States. Unlike higher priced retailers of athletic wear such as Nike and Lululemon, the competitive prices and unique styles that Fabletics offers sets them apart. A lot of retailers are losing business to showrooming, where customers try on clothes offline only to buy them online somewhere else for better prices. While companies such as Amazon have benefitted from this technique, many other businesses offering athletic wear suffer. Fabletics employes a reverse showroom technique. Their customers enjoy a free membership that translates offline and online, where unique and affordable fashions are easily available without searching elsewhere.


Many customers who try outfits on in one of Fabletics brick and mortar stores are already members, and their shopping influences their fashion picks offered on Fabletics’ website. This is encouraging news to the growing population of shoppers who are health conscious, mindful of spending, and fashion forward.


Hudson is passionate about her brand, and recognizes the popularity and need of fashionable athletic wear. She is an inspired risk taker who pours herself into her business. Along with putting herself at the center of her advertising, she even shot a personal video on her iphone that was translated into a commercial. If that isn’t personal enough, Fabletics shoppers can see Hudson’s fashion pics in order to get an inside peak to the founder of the brand’s tastes.


Hudson also wants to encourage her customers’ fitness goals by offering activewear for all shapes and sizes. Although it is extra work, she knows fun and fashionable clothes will inspire people to work out. She recognizes’ Americans struggle with health, and knows that athleisure is popular because it is one more piece of inspiration to live a healthy lifestyle.


By launching new collections every month, Hudson ensures customers won’t get bored with the Fabletics selection. She knows a stagnant formulaic approach won’t grow business in today’s fast paced world, and her hand’s on approach keeps Fabletics fun and relevant.


After seeing so much of the background of the company, check out Fabletics for yourself. There you can start a membership, check out Hudson’s fashion picks, and take the Fabletics Lifestyle quiz to see your own fashion picks.

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