Dick DeVos’ Success Story as an Executive

Dick DeVos’ managerial career began back when he joined Amway’s leadership team. He held this position from 1993 to 2002. At Amway, DeVos worked in several departments before being promoted to vice president. These include finance, research and development, and marketing. As the leader, he controlled Amway’s operations that are distributed on six continents as well as 50 countries. One significant thing about his presidency is that he facilitated a $4.5 billion revenue generation at Amway. DeVos was appointed president after serving as the VP of the company. As a vice president, he was instrumental in enabling the company to reach out to its international clients and tripling its international sales. In 2000, under DeVos’ leadership, Amway restructured its operations to create Alticor as its predecessor. Alticor was also designed to improve Amway’s profit generation strategies. DeVos later retired as Alticor’s president in 2002 after helping the company go through many strategic changes.


Orlando Magic and Community Initiatives


Besides his executive role at Amway, DeVos was also appointed as Orlando Magic’s CEO and president in 1991. The DeVos family finished its acquisition of Orlando Magic in 1991.  An Orlando Sentinel writer once considered him as an intelligent, community-conscious, and admirable leader. DeVos is also renowned for his community initiatives. For instance, His Education Freedom Fund targeted children who could not afford tuition fees. To date, the scholarship has helped over 4,000 kids from Michigan, enabling them to study in the West Michigan Aviation Academy. DeVos also facilitated improvements in health care. These include the $130M hospital for heart surgeries and a convention center worth $212M.


Other interests and accomplishments


As an author, he was a best seller for his 1997 published book, “Rediscovering American Values.” DeVos won the National Champion sailor title twice. He trained as a helicopter and jet aircraft pilot. He obtained this training after graduating from the Northwood University. Besides work and charity, DeVos cherishes his family.  The couple has seven children as well as five grandchildren. The couple also runs the Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation. The foundation is headquartered in Grand Rapids and was established for charity. Since its establishment, the organization has contributed to the development of educational as well as artistic and religious groups within the U.S. As a Michigan resident; DeVos once vied for the governor position under a Republican Party ticket.

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