Daniel Taub: Israel’s most praised ambassador to the UK

Daniel Taub is the former Israeli Ambassador to the United Kingdom. He served as the ambassador from 2011 to 2015. He was very influential in his role especially with trade market. While Daniel Taub was ambassador, trade between Israel and the United Kingdom doubled. It was also shown that during Taub’s time as ambassador, that cultural and business ties were improved among the two countries. Daniel Taub also served during what was termed a “golden era.” During this time more than three hundred Israeli businesses started up in the United Kingdom. Trade has risen to five and a half billion dollars yearly. Learn more: http://www.behance.net/danieltaub


Daniel Taub was able to attend several premiere sschools including Oxford, University College and Harvard. Daniel Taub was originally born and raised in the United Kingdom but moved to Israel in 1989. He later served in the Israeli Defense Force as a combat medic and reserve officer. Daniel later served in the Israeli Foreign Ministry and was an expert in laws of war and counter terrorism. Daniel Taub became a praised speechwriter, legal advisor and negotiator. His negotiate skills were put to the test with the Israeli-Palestinian peace process and his work to grow the International Red Cross. All this work made him a top choice to become ambassador.


Along with trade, Daniel Taub focused on technological growth and advancement. Daniel even was nominated for a Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award for his work that led to the launch of Bizcamp competition. Daniel Taub also became the first Israel Ambassador to the International Maritime Organization based on London. While serving as ambassador in 2011, he was privileged to be invited to meet with the Queen of England. Daniel Taub was asked by the queen how did it feel to be a representative to the very country he had been born in? Daniel Taub replied saying he was overjoyed, as it allowed him to build up bridges between the two nations and repair the bridges that have fallen into disrepair.


When Daniel Taub left the spotlight as ambassador, he became a respected lecturer and public speaker. He’s made appearances on CNN, Sky News and several other networks including the BBC Persian network. Daniel Taub has become an author and has written many political articles featured in a variety of publications. Daniel Taub wrote the book “Parasha Diplomatit” which is based on biblical texts. Daniel has even created a script for an Israeli drama series.