Daniel Mark Harrison and Monkey Capital’s Innovative Approach to Crowdfunding

An innovation set to hit the crowdfunding market will be a game changer for the startups seeking to finance. An article first published on coinspeaker.com indicated that the technology was already causing a lot of excitement among investors as they await its official launch.

Notable public figures, including famous Goldseek Radio’s Waltzek, commented that the innovation was “from the future.” Waltzek has interviewed leaders in the financial industry such as billionaire George Soros and hedge fund manager Jim Rogers.

Monkey Capital is a hedge fund firm that has investments in big technological brands such as SpaceX, and public traded companies’ acquisition and Blockchain systems. They also invest in cryptocurrencies. Recently, the company made history when they became the first ICO to sell options successfully. These options are called COEVAL, and they are traded on Waves Decentralised Exchange (DEX) and were going for 15 BTC.

Monkey Capital has a different approach in bringing together its top-notch services, skilled management team, and beautiful projects which reflect the real picture of the market. Its ICO will be competing with already established brands like Bancor and Chrono.

Besides the famous presenter of Goldseek, Huffingpost also couldn’t hide their amazement. They termed the project ‘billion dollar baboon.’ Azeem Khan, senior writer here said that the VC’s have already pegged the company’s value from billions or even more. If this happens, it will make Monkey Capital the first-ever company to raise a ten figure amount in just single campaign.

Anyone with the COEVAL possesses a rare chance to purchase MONKEY (MNY) tokens at a discounted price. And the company will be entering the books of history, for creating first ever option for crowd funding.
Monkey Capital was founded by Daniel M. Harrison who is also the managing partner.

About Daniel Mark Harrison

Mr. Harrison is the current chairman and chief executive officer of an international Investment Company called Daniel Mark Harrison & Co (DMH&Co). The company has offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Bangkok. He is also the Managing Partner of Fin Tech and Venture capital Company Monkey Capital. Mr. Harrison is also a published author, with his recent book The Millennial Reincarnations launched in 2015.