Cassio Audi, A Strong Influence on the 1980’s Music Scene

Brazilian musical artist Cassio Audi was the and drummer for the 1980’s band Viper between 1985 and 1989. He was known as a drummer who had great dynamics, speed, endurance, variety in his groove. The band Viper’s heavy metal inspiration was drawn from British metal bands, such as,Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Queensrych. The name Cassio Audi and his strong musical influence is still recognized by metal fans all over the world.

Cassio Audi had real stage presence and was truly talented on the drums. So much so, that he and the other boys from Sao Paolo started to draw fans from their first gig. Their sound was new and young, and it stimulated a new generation of up and coming new bands, not only from Brazil, but across the nation.

Viper, along with Cassio Audi released their first album, “Soldiers of Sunrise” with simple production, but it was a new alternative sound all their own. Made all the more notable, as the band members were all teenagers with limited production funds.

In 1989,”Theatre of Fate” was released, and is arguable their best musical feat. The album innovatively uses a classical music influence to harmoniously mix their hard hitting metal rock. Their genius mix taken from Beethoven’s, “Moonlight Sonata” is notably one of their best songs. Although,”Living for the Night” remains a fan favorite. The album was an international success, and took the world by storm. Especially in Japan, where “Theatre of Fate” outsold Nirvana, and Van Halen.