Be enlightened on arthritis; is it a disease or just a condition?

Arthritis is mostly confused with a disease. It is just a condition, and it refers to joint pain. There are about 100 varying types of arthritis, and it mostly occurs in women and frequents to people old of age. It is, in fact, one of the chief cause of disability. One of the common types of arthritis is Osteoarthritis also known as the degenerative joint disease and is identified by cartilage degeneration which is when the cartilage breaks down or gets worn out, and then bones begin rubbing against each other causing pain, stiffness and or swelling. As a result, joints become weak as the pain increases intensity.


Currently, there are no cure options for this condition, but there are many available treatment choices for handling the pain at the joints and in the process protecting the quality of life. The danger influences that contribute to this condition, they include age (growing old), household history, additional weight, or former injury. The practices of self-management that contribute to the reduction of impact and the rate of the condition include: (HealthGrades)


1) Workout


This option involves physical activity to manage pain in the joints. Doing activities that accumulate muscles around the joints. Aerobic exercises with the low impact such as walking or cycling are also encouraged. Activities with repetitive actions like running or jumping should be avoided because of the strain and increased impact they create.


2) Everyday drills


Gentle workouts should be done before bed like stretching. Adjusting positions when working, reading, watching, and avoiding repetitive movements, managing weight is encouraged. It is also required to pace yourself, to not take part in activities that exceed your abilities, instead do activities that lie within your comfort zone.


3) Medical options


The available medications are for arthritis pain relieving though most of them bear side effects. Receiving physical therapy from qualified experts like those in Osteo Relief Institute contributes to the reduction of joint pain and loss of mobility. Another viable option would be undergoing surgery to replace joints or repair joints with minimum invasion or joint fusion. Help from a professional orthopedic like Osteo Relief Institute would help you decide the best option based on the pros and cons of each medical choice.



Osteo Relief Institute is a medical center located in New Jersey that offers non-invasive treatments for knee osteoarthritis.


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