Avoiding Eastman Kodak Is The Best Bet For Now According To Sahm Adrangi

There are always investors out there that are ready to jump on the latest opportunity and many are asking Sahm Adrangi his opinions on Eastman Kodak’s recent explosion in share value. According to Sahm Adrangi, there is nothing good about this explosion and investors should beware. Sahm Adrangi’s company, Kerrisdale Capital, has issued a highly negative report on Eastman Kodak that discusses the current issues and reasons why they should be avoided.

Not only is Kerrisdale Capital in a position to profit should Kodak’s shares drop, but Sahm is a highly accomplished and experienced investor that has built Kerrisdale from the ground up. This has led most investors to follow his advice, but there are those out there that have eyes bigger than their stomachs at times, especially when a company’s shares increase by nearly double. Right after Eastman Kodak announced their partnership with crypto companies is when their stock prices saw a dramatic rise. This gives Sahm Adrangi reason to believe the current value is highly overpriced. Not only that, but Sahm doesn’t trust the current management taking place at Kodak. Not only are the crypto groups they are grouping up with of shady backgrounds with much cause for concern, but they are making no attempts to fix the problems that could reverse their current position in the industry.

After Eastman Kodak filed a chapter 11 several years ago, Sahm assumed the former photography giant would find their footing and work on improving their products as well as marketing strategies. Instead, they have managed to concoct this “scheme” that is aimed at taking advantage of ICO and various investors. Sahm also noted that these latest efforts by Eastman Kodak have raised very little attention from the public, which means they will not be able to maintain their shares regardless of what happens with their cryptocurrency endeavors. To be safe, following Sahm Adrangi’s advice is the best bet, seeing as he is hardly wrong when it comes to his investment decisions.