About The Leadership Of InnovaCare Health and Company Overview

InnovaCare Health is a provider of managed healthcare services that works within Puerto Rico. Over the past one decade, the company has gone through a lot of changes that have placed it at a prime position in the industry. Innovacare Health is among established firms that have been able to offer Medicare Advantage plans at affordable rates and with good terms.

Most of the achievements that have come along are as a result of the focused leaders who have steered the firm from its basic position to the current glory it enjoys. Below is a preview of two of the most important professionals who have worked to develop the company.

Rick Shinto/Dr. Richard Shinto
Rick Shinto is the Chief Executive Officer and President of InnovaCare Health. He is a certified professional in clinical science and he has published several articles in the area highlighting emerging and vital issues. Before he joined InnvaCare Health, Rick Shinto worked as the president of Aveta Inc., a leading healthcare services provider.

He had prior to holding this position built a strong profile working with the management team while he supported then in a number of issues until he proved capable of steering the company on innovacarehealth.com. His tenure was a success and at the time he exited in 2012 to join InnovaCare Health, Aveta had recorded a lot of growth. He once worked at NAMM California as the Chief Medical Officer and he has helped in many government projects.

About Penelope Kokkinides
Another professional who has been a key player at developing InnovaCare Health is Penelope Kokkinides, a clinical health scientist with over 20 years experience. She works as the Chief Administrative Officer at InnovaCare and prior to joining the company, she worked with Aveta Inc., as the Vice when Shinto was the president.

About InnovaCare Health
As a premier provider of managed healthcare services, InnovaCare Health has developed a unique system that has assisted people from across Puerto Rico to access quality physician practice services. InnovaCare has come up with a technological system that has improved service delivery and enhanced cost effectiveness. It is among few in the country that have hit the over 250,000 mark of Medicare and Medicaid subscribers.

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    She has been involved in the development of clinical programs and boasts of experience in handling managerial roles. In addition to his skills, Rick Shinto enjoys an experience record spanning more than 20 years in clinical healthcare. I have known that superior papers us would want all these things to happen to them all the time.