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Dick DeVos’ Success Story as an Executive

Dick DeVos’ managerial career began back when he joined Amway’s leadership team. He held this position from 1993 to 2002. At Amway, DeVos worked in several departments before being promoted to vice president. These include finance, research and development, and marketing. As the leader, he controlled Amway’s operations that are distributed on six continents as Read the full article

Kevin Seawright Helps Baltimore Neighborhoods Raise Homeownership Rates

Founded in 2015, RPS Solutions, LLC is a Baltimore-based firm that specializes in all aspects of neighborhood development and asset management in rebounding areas. Founded by business executive and economic development leader Kevin Seawright, RPS Solutions is dedicated to helping increase the homeownership rate in less wealthy Baltimore neighborhoods. For Kevin Seawright, homeownership is an Read the full article

Revolutionizing Communication in the Classroom with ClassDojo

ClassDojo is a new inventive way for parent and teacher interaction through the use of an app. ClassDojo has been raising money to aid in capital and team growth for the use of the app. Recently they have raised $21 million of venture funding to further enable to capabilities of the app and connect teachers Read the full article